I Love UX Design. What is a UX Designer?

If you are new to ux design or simply want to understand the world of a ux designer a little better, this awesome two-part video gives a high level view of what a ux designer does. The videos were created by Viran Anuradha Dayaratne www.iluvuxdesign.com which gives praise to ux designers in their quest for creating better experiences around the world.

What is a UX Designer?

UX Designers look at the world differently – from a business perspective, user perspective, technology perspective and of course design perspective. This enables them to create experiences and social interactions that fit within the lives of users.

Today’s users have high expectations and demand experiences that are intuitive, social and engaging across platforms and between devices. To truly be able to create this desired experience a ux designer would observe users, learning from their behavior to understand what they need.

This learning phase of ux design involves the creation of tasks and personas, sticky notes and prototypes. A ux designer looks beyond solving problems by continuously looking at how to make things better.

In the end a ux designer combines information architecture, visual design and information design to manage user experiences.

UX Design: visible to some, invisible to many.

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