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New era for design tools

I was having coffee with a friend, where I shared about the recent trend I’ve seen with some great new design apps that allow you to design (and prototype) across multiple devices and platforms…mobile, tablet,┬ádesktop, Apple watch, you name it! … Continue reading

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Did we butcher wireframes?

Wireframes are dead…or should be as we’ve lost the reason for creating them in the first place…and it’s our own fault. (I’m specifically referring to static low-fidelity wireframes). It’s not because wireframes are bad, it’s that we’ve butchered them into … Continue reading

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Prototyping the MVP

There’s something that’s been bothering me for quite some time in how digital products are being made today. Far too often I see great engineering behind products, but with poor execution of how it works within the lives of people. … Continue reading

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