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Usefulness of Useful

The biggest challenge in designing a great product is figuring out what the core features are that will fulfil the users’ needs. Not only should the product fulfil those needs, but also deliver it in a way that is easy to understand and pleasant to use.

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Does User Experience Design Exist?

I stumbled across a post this morning (from back in 2008 by Zurb) titled “User Experience Design Does Not Exist“.  It caught my eye, because this is something that has crept back in my mind (again and again) – and … Continue reading

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Taking Your Dev Team On The UX Journey

Last week I gave a talk at the SAUX Cape Town meet-up at 22Seven’s vintage theatre, sponsored by Flow, 22Seven and BSG. The evening was something out of a fantasy: from a popcorn machine that greeted you at the door … Continue reading

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Usability Testing – You Owe It To Your Users

How’s the UX? Is it intuitive? Is it user friendly? Will people understand it? These are some of the nuances of how the conversation has shifted from “Make it pop!” or “It’s not edgy enough” amongst clients, product owners and … Continue reading

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